It provides services by keeping the technology at the highest level and always with an innovative perspective, with significant investments in technological infrastructure, using the most effective transportation models that will meet the needs of its customers.
Transportation Solutions

Within the scope of transportation solutions, road, air & amp; maritime, railway, national distribution, project transportation, fair & provides exhibition logistics services.
As one of Europe's logistics providers with a modern vehicle fleet, it provides transportation services between Europe, the Caucasus, England, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey. It keeps technology at the highest level and constantly invests in technological infrastructure with an innovative perspective.
Sea & Weather
With its wide agency network, licenses and international memberships, marine & offers the highest quality service in air transportation.
It creates special solution alternatives for its customers with its project-based works, and carries out block train services with its own 45 HC closed box, awning, frigo and mega container options to all over Europe together with strong railway partnerships.
National Distribution
Thanks to its branch network and wide fleet, it makes regular distribution to all regions of Turkey. It carries out project transports from suppliers to production lines by producing special solutions for its customers, and can meet all kinds of needs of its customers within the framework of national distribution.
Fair & Activity
With its customer-oriented organizational structure, its fleet with integrated logistics services, its technological infrastructure that enables cargo tracking and monitoring, its high service quality, its wide agency network around the world, and the fair& It offers solutions that provide competitive advantage for its customers with its expert team in the exhibition.
Construction, electricity, oil & It delivers heavy and bulky loads, which are considered out of gauge for sectors such as gas, mining and civil engineering, to the desired point within ideal time and costs.

Turkey works to provide the most suitable solutions to its customers in line with customs clearance needs.

Permits and Foreign Trade Consultancy
It is ensured that all necessary permits and permits are followed and finalized in the realization of foreign trade transactions. Instant, up-to-date information about the changing legislative provisions and practices is transmitted in an easy-to-understand way, and the relevant legislation is shared in the electronic environment.

The positioning of experienced staff in the foreign trade departments of the companies both ensures the establishment of communication that will ensure the rapid conclusion of foreign trade transactions, and also creates the opportunity for operational follow-up thanks to the team members with high knowledge.

By examining the specifications of the products to be subject to foreign trade legislation, its appropriate position in the customs tariff schedule is determined.