Flay Logistics transports your export, import, transit and 3rd country cargoes safely with its corporate structure among Italian transport companies . We carry partial transportation, complete trucks, flatbeds and out-of-gauge cargo within our Italy transportation service.

 You don't need to be indecisive or make undecided choices when you want to get Italy transport services. When you meet and especially work with Flay Logistics, you will be able to see how professional our company is. We are a company that can see how important and responsible our task is when it comes to transportation. Therefore, we demonstrate our success in many Italian partial transportation workflows we have done so far and we continue to work with our ongoing customers.

Italy shipping prices

It is quite natural that you are looking for the company that provides the cheapest service for Italy shipping prices. In these days when the economy is so hard, the only thought of all companies and companies is how to reduce expenses. Therefore, we continue to help you not only today, but also with our economical Italy shipping prices that we have been giving for years. When you determine the loads you will send and contact our company, you will be faced with a pricing that is calculated exactly and there are no surprises afterwards. We are ready to deliver your heaviest and space-consuming products to Italy in the most economical and trouble-free way.

We are known in the market for our quality services we have provided for many years, and besides this, we constantly keep the pulse of the market. We continue to work on how to be better every day. Of course, it is easy to get or give shipping service to Italy, but the important thing is how satisfied you are at the end of the job. We are very confident in this regard. You can also meet our company and continue your workflows without risking yourself.

Italy shipping routes

When choosing between Italian transport companies, you should also pay attention to how the transport will be done. How many days it will take and which roads will be presented are very important. As Flay logistics, the shipping time to Italy is determined as 4 days. We provide partial transportation services to Italy by RORO and road   . By using the : routes, we deliver your shipments as soon as possible without any problems and without any damage.

Work with Flay logistics, an Italian shipping company, and secure yourself with CMR insurance. It will be very important to secure yourself especially for your shipping services, which are costly. We think over every detail for you and in short, we are waiting here to provide you with a complete and high quality service. We hope that we will be the only company that comes to your mind when you want to get Italy shipping service.

Italy partial transportation service

The partial transportation service we provide to you in Italy is valid for every province of Turkey. Wherever you are, we will reach you as an Italian transport company. You will guarantee yourself with contracts and you will experience the comfort of working with a professional team in every sense.