The Spanish shipping  route RORO is planned to be over the French Sete Port and as a Highway. A 9-day planning is made as a transit time. Your goods are on their way to their destination with our wide fleet of vehicles, both by roro and by road. If you want to receive regular service or if you need a one-time transport to Spain, you can contact our company and start the journey by securing your shipment.

As a Spanish transport company, we provide services with CMR insurance. The safety of your belongings is very important to us. Not only safety, but also the correct timing, reliable routes and the use of roads is another work flow we attach importance to. As Flay logistics, we do not skip any details and we try to serve by taking professional steps in the full sense.

Spain Freight Forwarding

Of course, one of the first wonders is the shipping prices to Spain. Of course, we are proud to provide Spain partial transportation service in an economical way. We can say that it is our first duty to always offer cheap prices, especially for your heavy and space-occupying loads. Reducing costs is an important criterion for everyone. Knowing these very well, we continue to offer regular shipments and cost-effective shipping to Spain.

Our company, which works with expert personnel in the field, also serves with its wide vehicle fleet. Our most important priority in both import and export is the arrival of your cargo to its destination. By working with us, you will eliminate the problems and you will have made the right choice as a Spain transport company by exceeding a quality service.

Spain Partial Transportation

Spain partial You may need transportation frequently or you may want to get service from time to time. If you will be enjoying working with our company regardless of your one-time or long-term work. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. In this sense, while taking our place among the Spanish shipping companies, we always adopt the principle of improving ourselves. Regardless of all your heavy and light loads, we provide transportation services from every point in Turkey to many points in the world. Spain transport services also come to the fore as a country where we provide frequent service and regularly deliver vehicles. If you want to streamline your workflow and get a stress-free partial transportation service, you can contact us immediately and make your shipments whenever you want.