Flay Logistics, which is the address of professional support in your Lebanon transportation services  with its sectoral experience and corporate structure,  is among the companies that offer fast and reliable transportation solutions. Best  prices by road, sea container, air to Lebanon presents. If you are searching for Lebanese shipping companies and looking for solutions for your cargo, you should meet Flay Logistics, which provides global service. It is very important how long your elders will go, how they will go and under what guarantees they will go. It is important for companies and companies that the goods are received from Turkey and delivered to Lebanon without any problems in terms of not disrupting their workflow. If you want to receive transportation service to Lebanon continuously or from time to time, you can contact our company and meet with quality service.

Lebanon Shipping prices

Lebanon shipping prices  are offered in a price range that will not strain the budgets of companies. All uncertainties will be eliminated before the agreement to be made, and you will have started a great workflow by delivering your cargo to Flay Logistics.

You will be able to see that the transportation prices to Lebanon are much more affordable than the market. Our affordable prices do not require compromising our quality. We always try to offer the best for our business partners. In all of our work flows, we give priority to protecting our customers.

Lebanon Partial Transport Services

You can also   contact our company for your Lebanon partial transportation services. For our transportation service, whose transit time is planned as 4 days, both Roro and Highway are preferred. Thanks to our company, which serves by sticking to the planned workflow, nothing will be a surprise and you will be able to transport your goods with us as a Lebanon transport company without any problems.

Road TIR Route to Lebanon

Flay Logistics provides express Lebanon service. We ship our vehicles to Tripoli Port by regular RORO from Taşucu Port.

As our Lebanon shipping routes, we deliver to Mersin's Taşucu Port with RORO – Tripoli / Lebanon – Beirut and other Provinces. We use the fastest roads to Lebanon and aim to serve you as soon as possible.

Quality is at the Forefront of a Transport Company in Lebanon

In your search for a transport company to Lebanon, you should give priority to quality and professionalism. With the CMR convention agreement with Europe, you are covered by CMR insurance. In addition, with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure TIO Certificate, you will be able to act in confidence as you are working with a successful company in its field. With our company that offers partial transportation services in Lebanon, all kinds of transportation services entrusted to us will be under our security and we provide you with information in every sense and ensure that the question marks are eliminated.

Flay Lebanon transport company  is ready to support you in every way for your transportation transactions that you are responsible for  . You will get the best quality transportation service with the most economical prices and therefore you will have a company that you can work with continuously. It is of great importance to continue on your way with reliable hands in order to reduce your workloads and not be overwhelmed by shipping processes. In that case, you can get all the services you want to get on behalf of Lebanon transport companies  and even more with our company. You can get more detailed information about our operation by contacting us immediately.