Flay Lojistik;
It was established in 1995. In the field of road transport, our company provides regular shuttle services with European, Asian and Balkan countries. Our personnel, all of whom are experienced in transportation and have good language skills, have adopted the principle of providing customer-oriented service and meeting the demands with a more effective organization in order to maximize the service quality. Flay Logistics offers high quality transportation and service with its wide vehicle fleet in various categories, special technical equipment and vehicles equipped with modern technical equipment. The countries we work with are from Europe to Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania to Turkey, as well as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, We provide wide and high quality vehicle services to Armenia, Bulgaria and Cyprus bilaterally. We offer optional services with our vehicles, including refrigerated (+,-) closed box refrigerated and ADR vehicles.
Our vision, as a global company, is to establish open and trustworthy communication with our customers, and to be a preferred business partner providing integrated logistics services to national and international companies. To create a transportation awareness that will last from generation to generation as an exemplary institution and organization for the sector and society by realizing more than the expectations of our customers with our consistent efforts.
Flay Logistics was established in 1995, which can offer all kinds of services required by the new economy in an integrated structure in the international arena with its vehicles equipped with the latest technologies. Thanks to the high technology and trained human resources it uses, it has succeeded in ensuring that its customers, which it has served with the solutions it has sought, receive much better service than its competitors in the market, based on a more convenient and variable cost calculation. There are 80 refrigerated vehicles in our structure. We have double-engined and racked vehicles, 40 of which have compartments and 20 units of 2.49 width semi-trailers. All of our vehicles have a data device and a temperature recording system (with the ability to track the grade of the goods). We use the expedition vehicle tracking system in our vehicles. We transport to all European countries (+) and (-) degrees. Our aim is to be a reliable service partner for you, our valued customer, as a result of our services.