You can get professional service with Flay Logistics, which offers Iraq Transport service  for your shipments that you plan to send  . We know how important shipments are for your companies, whether they are importing or exporting. Therefore, as an Iraq transport company, we meet your expectations more than enough and carry out the instructions in the time given to you with a problem-free shipment.

Iraq Transport Service Time and Routes

The planned transit time for shipping to Iraq is planned to be 3 days. Highway is preferred as the route. The fully planned road is determined as Türkiye - Iraq highway. Thanks to our company, which is delivered in the most trouble-free way, your companies will receive the service you deserve. You now focus on your other workflows and leave your mental services to us. In particular, you will be able to see that you have found your long-term business partner.

Iraq Shipping prices

We are trying to offer you Iraq shipping prices in the most economical way. Our aim will be to increase your financial burdens and to attract more affordable costs. In addition to the economy, it is one of the cornerstones of our company to offer a hassle-free transportation. When you consider the market, being an economical Iraq transportation company and being a professional Iraq transportation company will reveal our difference.

Secure your Iraq Freight shipments

With Flay Logistics, you will have secured your shipments with the CMR Convention agreement that you want to receive your Iraq Freight services. We know that we are in competition worldwide and we always try to do the best for our business partners. Therefore, we both follow all the positive steps we can offer on your behalf and continue our efforts to improve yourself.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 10002:2018

With the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure TIO Certificate, you will have the opportunity to work more confidently than our company, which serves you.

Iraq Partial Transportation Services

You can get service from anywhere in Turkey for partial transportation services to Iraq. We are working very intensively in many provinces. We provide successful services in cities where transportation needs such as Istanbul Iraq Partial transportation, Gaziantep Iraq partial transportation, Ankara Iraq transportation, Bursa Iraq transportation are the most demanded, and we continue to work with many different customers.

As Iraq transport company, we continue to work with our new customers every day, and we often make regular shipments by becoming a continuity. Thanks to our flexible payment options in terms of transportation prices to Iraq, our companies find the opportunity to work with us without difficulty.

You can contact our company for your partial transportation services in Iraq, learn all the details and plan for the day you want. You will master all the details and you will not encounter any possible surprises. If you want to work with a quality Iraqi pulses company, you will be able to see that Flay Logistics exceeds your expectations.