Flay Logistics Founder
Headquartered in Mersin / Turkey Flay Logistics was established in 1995. In our company, regular shuttle services are provided with European, Asian and Balkan countries in highway systems. Our staff, all of whom have good language skills, have adopted the principle of providing customer-oriented service and meeting their demands with a more effective organization in order to avoid the highest qualification of service assurance. Flay Logistics provides a wide range of vehicles in various categories, special technical equipment and high quality transportation and service with vehicles equipped with modern technical equipment. The countries we work with are from Europe to Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania to Turkey, as well as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, We provide wide and high quality vehicle services to Armenia, Bulgaria and Cyprus bilaterally. We offer optional services with our refrigerated (+,-) closed box refrigerated and ADR vehicles.