Flay Logistics; Thanks to the solution partnerships it has established with the world's leading agencies, it produces fast, safe and economical road transport solutions for all continental Europe, CIS countries and Middle East countries.

Flay Logistics; It provides logistic support to its customers with offices, warehouses and distribution centers located in different parts of Turkey with its fleet equipped with green and silent engines, all in compliance with European environmental protection standards.

Although Flay Logistics manages a large fleet, it is one of the leading companies in the sector, serving as a freight organizer, apart from being a fleet manager. Flay Logistics delivers the desired product to the desired location on time, in line with the demands of its customers, with the world's leading branded agency network. It shares this process with its customers with all its transparency.

Flay Logistics; It has a strong infrastructure to meet the needs of its customers in the transportation of different product types, from pharmaceuticals to textiles, from flammable and toxic chemicals to foodstuffs, cold chain products, from heavy industry products to high-tech electronic materials.

Flay Logistics; It offers different service types according to the times, such as Standard, Fast, Super Fast.


There is only one driver application per trip. It is a type of service that offers cost advantage in reasonable delivery times for products that are not time sensitive.


Expedition Two driver apps are available per person. For time sensitive products; It is the type of service in which the voyage is completed without interruption, except for legal obligations, depending on the commitment periods.


Two driver applications are available per trip. For time sensitive products; It is the type of service used only for road transport, depending on the commitment periods.


Flay Logistics in order to meet the needs and expectations of its customers on time and in the desired way; offers complete and partial options according to product volume in land transportation solutions. It may be the transport of a single order that is needed, or there may be more complex project transports involving more than one order. With its flexible solutions that understand customer needs and make the transportation process the most useful, Flay Logistics provides the required loading space for its customers.


Small Partial vehicle transportation where scale savings are achieved by creating large loading lots from quantity products; It is more flexible than full transport due to the frequency of departure days. Thanks to its wide service network, deliveries are made in accordance with predetermined time intervals.
Flay Logistics, suspended, closed box, refrigerated, double-decker trailers; It can create flexibility by using different types of equipment with awnings, closed boxes, refrigerated containers.

Temperature is no longer a problem!..

Our vehicles are under control with GPS Vehicle Tracking System. With this system, the transportation process, route, fuel consumption and temperature are under control. The cooling units of our vehicles are the Thermoking brand SL-400e model, which is the best for sensitive loads. These units provide trouble-free temperature control between -30 and +30 degrees. All of our vehicles have a data logger (Heat Recorder) and a 60-day retrospective temperature report can be obtained. With our dual engine cooler units, we can transport both fresh and frozen products at the same time.